Enlight – One to Rule them all

As all of you know, nowadays we have tens or even hundreds of photo editing apps in the AppStore, with plenty of features and flavours: Free, Freemium (with In-App purchases) and pure single Paid. But the problem of most of them is that you must rely on several apps to perform different re-touching to your single photo. Or you must to pay $1 or $2 every time that you want to use that nice feature tool which is blocked inside that ‘free‘ or even already paid app.

Well, I think those days are finally over, luckily for all of us with a small (or big) creative talent feeling inside.

You will not have to pay again and again for each blocked tool or filter, or even switch continuously from app to app to apply different kind of filters, texts or frames. And this is thanks the guys of Lightricks Ltd. studio and their fabulous photo-editing app Enlight.


One year later of their first release (Facetune), they put all their imaging processing expertise to offer as the standalone photo app which rule them all. At it is true, it costs $4.99, but wait a minute, give me few more lines to tell you why deserves to pay for it.

First of all, you will pay only one time, period! No more single payments to activate any single extra tool. And secondly, its User interface is extremely easy to use and very quick to get use to it even being minimalistic; something that is sometimes very welcome, and many mobile developers forget, making our lifes even more difficult. 😛


On top of that, the app is Universal and fully adapted from the small iPhone 3.5″ screen up to the latest iPhone Plus 5.5″ sice, and of course all the iPad’s resolutions. You only need to straight forward make a shot from you camera or choose one of your photo’s from your camera roll to begin to apply some Presets:


Or smoothly play with every single settings:


And again, on top of all the features and filters to choose:

  • Crop, Re-adjust objects position and Perspective.
  • Adjust the typical photo parameters (the same as Photos from iOS but already inside the app)
  • Old times filters: Artistic Analog effects, Black & White and Dual effect at same time in real-time.
  • Photo Mixer: Overlay two photos to produce a double exposure effect
  • Several Blending modes: This is impressive and cool!
  • Intelligent Photo Correction: As the Heal tool for seamless removal of defects
  • Artistic Effects and Filters: Painting effects, Urban Street Art and also Realistic looking sketches
  • Drawing capability: You can draw whatever you want directly with your fingers, and also add pattern effects on your photos simply sliding your fingers over them!
  • Texting: Add you own text (choose color and font), and make your Meme’s
  • And finally: Add Frames, Borders, Prepare your photo for Instagram, or make a Collage if you wish!


But, this is not all. There are more:

  • It automatically saves your work (also called Sessions) so you can Undo-Redo as much as you want afterwards.
  • You can select the quality of the file: JPEG/PNG/TIFF (It is up to you to decide the file Size vs Quality)
  • It supports up to 16MP files; more than enough as currently iDevices has up to 8MP cameras and the coming ones probably will jump up to 12MP; so the app is already prepared for the coming future. 😉
  • And if you want to make your own photo editing tutorials of your photo editing sessions, you can export all the steps in a video animation (where you can also select the time between step and step frame) to your camera roll or social network.

What else? I have all in one single app, it works smoothly, it is powerful, and since it was released the last March’15, the developers have being polishing it in only a couple of updates and adding extra features fully FREE.

You can still do the same with several single app and paying single $0.99 micro-payments inside of them from time to time; but if you want to really Focus in your Creativity talent, enjoy photo editing, and don’t miss any spontaneous idea switching from app to app in our rushed life; don’t doubt about it and give it a try, it is worth and even one of the Apple Editors’ choice. 🙂