Xbox One X inside

The latest Microsoft 2017 home game console, the Xbox One X, which features major hardware upgrades focused on enabling games to be rendered at 4K resolution, it’s really impressive, with a SoC of 6 Tflops power from AMD, 12GB GDDR5 and 1TB of inner storage.


Really paves the future for the coming years, and faces face to face with its next and closest competitor, Sony’s PS4 Pro (with 4.2 Tflops).

Their acclaimed game controller, due its ergonomy and good response, can be also color tailored, and this Volcano Shadow Special Edition really looks pretty good:


And for curiosity, you take a take a close look inside:

Xbox One X Console Explode Dark Gray

And there, you can easily identify the big efforts in RF shielding, Thermal management and board size optimization.

Samsung Gear 360 (Looking inside)

It looks like 2016 will be the year of Virtual Reality explosion phenomenom and general availability for everybody, and not only for consumption of contents (glasses), but also for creation.


And being a market that nobody wants to neglect, Samsung seems that will present they first product, interballly called as “Proyect Beyond” (started at 2014) but commertially as Samsung Gear 360 (SM-C200) in the next MWC 2016.


It looks like very promising although the price is still not disclosed.

And we look inside, we can see the level of complexity that this “16 Full-HD + 1 Top camera” implies:


In the next images you can take a look of how it is build and all its inners parts. It looks like its assembly/dis-assembly will not be easy:


Being though as portable system, Samsung engineer’s had to add up to 3 battery packs at bottom side:


And thermically speaking, a big aluminum plate on top of the PCBA and cameras to dissipate the heat:


We can also see the Ultra Wide-Angle Optics, composed by several lens, in each of the cameras:


Then, after last year first aproach to VR from vendors, proposing their high resolution high-end smartphones screens to main screens for the VR glasses, this year, many user will be able to create their own VR videos and share them all over the world.

Ad here a prototype used for first Samsung field tests:


Let’s see how the people surprises us with their inner VR creativity! 🙂

Apple Watch wins iF Design Award 2015

Even few days before its official launch, Apple Watch already won iF Design Gold Award for this 2015 year.


The Jury defined as “an icon“, their words were:

“The idea of combining classic materials such as leather and metal with state-of-the-art technology to create a very individual fashion accessory has resulted in a delightful product offering a holistic user experience. The Apple Watch scores highly for each design detail and is an altogether extraordinary piece of design. For us, it is already an icon.”


I think this new Apple product line will be disruptive for the market, and even if in this first generation will not have enabled all the health sensors initially announced, I am sure will be early adopted by millions of users.

I find awesone its Design: From the Case to the Band.

Best iPhone6/6Plus case without sacrificing usability

This is my own user experience story which I want to share with you, and also I think I’ll not be the only one iPhone6 user who made him/herself the same question after acquiring his/her new iPhone6 shiny device.

I liked so much the new mechanical design approach that Apple presented in last 2014 year iPhone6 devices, based on glass and rounded aluminum body, but the new protruding back camera disappointed me quite a lot (it was totally unexpected coming from iPhone5 design trend), and as you can see in next picture, also Apple tried to hide it in some of their product side views.


Curiously, it is not even mentioned in the official physical dimensions of the device, and they only mention the thickness of the device without the protruding back camera took into account:


Anyhow, they didn’t completely hide it, so in some pictures you will notice it, even if its exact thickness is not mentioned anywhere:


Or more closely here:


So, coming back to the topic of the post, I had to find and choose a good and reliable case for at least three main topics that I wanted to cover:

1) Protect the device against possible drops and scratches in the soft aluminum metal.

2) Protect the screen against scratches if I place it with the screen side against a surface.

3) And the most important, to keep it fully flat once it lies in my table and I want use it without swings.

I wanted a case that covers all my three own requests and same time would not oversize so much the device losing usability.

After many research (there were not many options available at end 2014), and taking into account that the protruding back camera measures exactly 0.76mm (or 0.030 inch), I decided to choose one of the original Apple cases, the Black Leather model in particular:


I know it is expensive, but is incredible well in-house designed, fits incredibly well on it without any tolerance left in any side, it has a very nice feeling in the hand and I read very well reviews from previous iPhone generations based on the same Apple original model.

Here you can see the Black Leather and Green Lemon silicone cases side by side:


Then, after some use of it I could say:

1) It is strong enough to protect the corners (against small drops) and back side of the telephone to avoid possible scratches.

2) It adds around 1mm higher height in the screen side to avoid scratches in the screen if you leave it in a surface upside down.

3) The iPhone is perfectly flat when you leave it in a table, perfectly to write without unwanted swings, and only makes the phone 1.5mm thicker, which honestly has not any impact in usability.

4) It adds an extra grip, because the phone without any case can be quite slippery some times, more over in the case of the bigger iPhone 6Plus on regular hands size.

5) The Power/Volume buttons are properly covered and protected, and the Mute button is easily accessible.

6) The WiFi/BT/3G_LTE RF antenna’s performance is not degraded at all due the fact of being a leather case (without any metal parts, neither thick isolation dielectrics), but I assume that for the silicon case will be the same.

7) And finally, iPhone 6/6Plus fit so tight and well on it, the leather model does not attract so much dirtiness as the silicon model; and for more trendy users, it keeps a premium view on it.

It is true that there are many other types and model cases available in the market (and everyone will have his/her own taste), but I was looking for a case comfortable (thin enough but not as ultra-thin cases of 0.3mm which have also the swings issue, and even add not any kind of shock protection against drops), usable, which doesn’t add much more total volume to it (as Booklet model does) so I can still carry it in my jeans pocket without issues, also a case which allows me to access the screen quickly without having to remove it (full or partially) first; as Zip Wallets and Sleeve/Pouch case models limit, and good finishing with quality materials (for long term life time).