Pause – that’s all you need to unplug…

It is well known that in our busy lives we spend more a more time running from here to there, stressed trying to multitask everything what we do, trying to win time, which makes us even more quickly lose it ‘as beach sand slipping through our fingers‘; becoming more stressed and more aware of lack of time to simply stop and relax.

Well, you are not alone 😉 many people suffer these feelings and mostly we try to mitigate them procrastinating: switching constantly between game and game, between tens of social networks apps and notifications,… but at the end we realize that the circle gets closed and we are equally stressed as when we began.


But not become fatalist, fortunately there are good news for all of us, a few weeks ago released iOS app which will help us to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our lives, briefly.

This is “PAUSE – Relaxation at your fingertip“, the latest creation from ustwo, the acclaimed developer studio, creators of ‘Monument Valley‘ last year puzzle mobile game hit; which was made in collaboration with PauseAble, a Danish mental wellness product and solution company, where they help people take control of their energy and stress with their patent pending interactive approach.


The wellness app is quite minimalistic and simple to use, which denotes how the developers focused more in getting to the point instead of adding many user confusing features.


I would recommend you to use headphones and use it in a quite/calm place to avoid interrumptions, as it will be similar to perform a short mediation exercise but fully guided and easy, so don’t panic. 😉


You will only have to launch it, and then touch the dot that appears in the screen, follow the guiding circle with your finger and enjoy the ambient specially composed music until the session finishes with a soft bell; that’s all! (easy, right? 😉 )


As said, it is very minimalistic, the only settings appear when you slide up the logo (the ‘A‘ circled) at bottom side; and there you can select to Show instructions; change the Difficulty and change the Duration of your Pauses; pretty easy:


I have being sporadically using it the past couple of weeks, and I must admit that it works!

As in anykind of meditation exercise is better to begin with short duration times; let’s say 3 or 5 min; and progressively increase it until you get the habit to be focused and relaxed. I told you this because while you slowly move the dot around the whole screen, and the colored ink stain becomes bigger and bigger, the app will suggest you to close your eyes while you slowly continue moving your finger around the screen hearing the background music, until a bell sound indicates you that pause is finished. This could sound easy, but it is not the first times; so believe me, better begin with shorter periods.

The developers have been tested the effectiveness of this exercise measuring the EEG waves of the beta testers using it, and it was proved that they became more and more calm while they used it; which I can confirm simply by my daily use.

I believe that the developers decided to don’t implement a notification system in purpose to avoid forcing the people to make those Pauses and to keep clean the UX; anyhow I think that it could be a nice add-on feature for next coming updates to instill progressively the habit of ‘stopping‘ in our under pressure life’s; ultimately, the user could always disable those alarm notifications if don’t want it.

To finish, I can only recommend you this wonderful, colorful, delicious and proven wellness app, which for only $1.99 will bring some peace in your hectic life.


One last thing: If you have time, you can read about the details of its creation in their own blog: ‘The Story of Pause‘ ; it is really fastinating. 😉

Enlight – One to Rule them all

As all of you know, nowadays we have tens or even hundreds of photo editing apps in the AppStore, with plenty of features and flavours: Free, Freemium (with In-App purchases) and pure single Paid. But the problem of most of them is that you must rely on several apps to perform different re-touching to your single photo. Or you must to pay $1 or $2 every time that you want to use that nice feature tool which is blocked inside that ‘free‘ or even already paid app.

Well, I think those days are finally over, luckily for all of us with a small (or big) creative talent feeling inside.

You will not have to pay again and again for each blocked tool or filter, or even switch continuously from app to app to apply different kind of filters, texts or frames. And this is thanks the guys of Lightricks Ltd. studio and their fabulous photo-editing app Enlight.


One year later of their first release (Facetune), they put all their imaging processing expertise to offer as the standalone photo app which rule them all. At it is true, it costs $4.99, but wait a minute, give me few more lines to tell you why deserves to pay for it.

First of all, you will pay only one time, period! No more single payments to activate any single extra tool. And secondly, its User interface is extremely easy to use and very quick to get use to it even being minimalistic; something that is sometimes very welcome, and many mobile developers forget, making our lifes even more difficult. 😛


On top of that, the app is Universal and fully adapted from the small iPhone 3.5″ screen up to the latest iPhone Plus 5.5″ sice, and of course all the iPad’s resolutions. You only need to straight forward make a shot from you camera or choose one of your photo’s from your camera roll to begin to apply some Presets:


Or smoothly play with every single settings:


And again, on top of all the features and filters to choose:

  • Crop, Re-adjust objects position and Perspective.
  • Adjust the typical photo parameters (the same as Photos from iOS but already inside the app)
  • Old times filters: Artistic Analog effects, Black & White and Dual effect at same time in real-time.
  • Photo Mixer: Overlay two photos to produce a double exposure effect
  • Several Blending modes: This is impressive and cool!
  • Intelligent Photo Correction: As the Heal tool for seamless removal of defects
  • Artistic Effects and Filters: Painting effects, Urban Street Art and also Realistic looking sketches
  • Drawing capability: You can draw whatever you want directly with your fingers, and also add pattern effects on your photos simply sliding your fingers over them!
  • Texting: Add you own text (choose color and font), and make your Meme’s
  • And finally: Add Frames, Borders, Prepare your photo for Instagram, or make a Collage if you wish!


But, this is not all. There are more:

  • It automatically saves your work (also called Sessions) so you can Undo-Redo as much as you want afterwards.
  • You can select the quality of the file: JPEG/PNG/TIFF (It is up to you to decide the file Size vs Quality)
  • It supports up to 16MP files; more than enough as currently iDevices has up to 8MP cameras and the coming ones probably will jump up to 12MP; so the app is already prepared for the coming future. 😉
  • And if you want to make your own photo editing tutorials of your photo editing sessions, you can export all the steps in a video animation (where you can also select the time between step and step frame) to your camera roll or social network.

What else? I have all in one single app, it works smoothly, it is powerful, and since it was released the last March’15, the developers have being polishing it in only a couple of updates and adding extra features fully FREE.

You can still do the same with several single app and paying single $0.99 micro-payments inside of them from time to time; but if you want to really Focus in your Creativity talent, enjoy photo editing, and don’t miss any spontaneous idea switching from app to app in our rushed life; don’t doubt about it and give it a try, it is worth and even one of the Apple Editors’ choice. 🙂

French – Spanish Berlitz Basic Talking Dictionary

In my way of improving my languages knowledge I have been always looking for good offline translation electronic dictionaries, which I can bring always with me even when I have not Internet connection (so, no access to the usual and free Google Translator). Nowadays there are plenty of offers in the App Store, free and paid based; so to find a good option is not always easy.

In this review I will talk to you about the French – Spanish Berlitz Basic Talking Dictionary from Langenscheidt GmbH & Co. KG; a German company with a long tradition on paper dictionaries, with good reputation on the market and on which I had many good experiences when I used years ago their paper dictionary products.


As I was saying, I was looking for a good and reliable FRench<->SPanish dictionary app; and after trying several free versions (mostly ad-based and/or also with bad wording databases); and some paid apps too, I found that this app would be the best one for any average (and even high level) French/Spanish languages user/student.


Even if it says that is the BASIC variant, it has 140.000 (headwords, expressions and translations) entries on it, where 39661 French and 36185 Spanish of them have native speakers pronounced audio included.

So, as you see, it is pretty complete, and honestly, after more than a year of intensive use I never had a single case where my searching was not found inside its database, it is bullet proof.

It also allows you to write some words together and let the app to search for all the entries at same time, what can be pretty useful when you would like to translate a phrase:


As an extra feature, and even so many other dictionaries also offer it, I find very useful the Flash Cards feature, which allows you as user and student to add the words that you look for on it for later review/study. I have use the Flash cards study methodology also in the past, and today I still find it as a useful vocabulary memorization system.


And also, in case you hear a word but you didn’t understand it completely how to write it, or simply you don’t remember exactly how to spell it, the app has also a missing/swapped letter search system where some letters are forgotten:


And I must admit that for some difficult to pronounce languages as it is French, it will be very practical in many cases; mostly in conversation or listening situations where you would like to find a word which is not very clear how to write/spell it.

On top of these features, the app engine was improved since last release (v3.58.507) so it has a pretty fast cold launching app time compared with last year version, and all the latest iPhone 6/6 Plus and their HD resolution screens are also supported, making its daily use a gorgeous user experience 🙂

I will mention that it includes a French Verb Conjugation on it. To use it, you only need to search for a French verb and click on the top dedicated conjugation icon. Then, you will not need to buy an extra app for this purpose.

Besides, for iOS8 users, it has also implemented the ‘extension‘ feature, so you can now look up words while reading in Safari, which is wonderful when you are reading foreign webs without being forced to switch between apps via multi-tasking.

And as daily heavy user, I only can say that I am very glad of it, it works smoothly, the wording database is very complete (even for a “Basic” version as it is sold); and as an important small user remark for a romance language, I found that the genders of the substantives are always correct (Male/Female), where in other also paid dictionaries (in the same price range) had some mistakes in their databases, leading to misunderstood to the user/student.

It is true that its $19,99 price could seem quite high for some users, but if you are looking for a high quality and very reliable FR/SP electronic dictionary to accompany you in all kind of situations; I would recommend any non-professional/translator user this one without doubts, even as a long investment. 😉

‘Last Voyage’ (iOS game) – A metaphor for your senses

Last Voyage, the last release of Semidome Inc. game studio is a pure metaphor for your senses.


I already heard about them from their first game creation (Kotoro) released just one year ago; and Circo, their other game where you can have a fully free taste of their good work.

This second game production, released just one week ago and which I wanted to try by myself, denotes their good taste for details and multimedia background, which is not surprising having inside their team such kind of experienced members who worked for companies as Google, IBM, BBDO and Proximity.

In fact, it has been already selected as “Editor’s Choice” in the official Apple Store, which after so few days denotes how Special is this game.

As the game icon so well denotes, it will literally twist your head.


Its description doesn’t explain so much what will you find inside, but that makes it even more attractive and mysterious. In other kind of games, this would make me doubt, thinking that developers are trying to scam us, but this is not the case; as you will find yourself discovering new science-fiction landscapes while playing.


Once you download and launch it, you will see, or better say “perceive” the harmonious combination of images, animations and music working together. We could say that it is a puzzle game, but that would be very simplistic definition that detracts from this great game.


It is true that you will have to solve puzzles, and even there is not any tutorial neither explanation of what to do at all, or how to begin. But doesn’t matter, don’t worry my friend. You only need to get immersed in their space universe specially created for your enjoyment and follow your instinct. Simply listen their soundtrack fully aligned with the animations, touch here and there, and as said: Don’t worry, you will not mess anything 😉


The game is currently composed by five chapters, or stages, each one independently designed to awaken your mind. We hope that the authors add more chapters in the future because while you play, you only wish to never end.

And as authors mention, you will have to go through psychedelic portals, solve abstract puzzles, explore grand minimal forms or race against the stars.


Besides, its 40 minutes original composed soundtrack is even also available in iTunes, in case you want to continue listening it during your other daily activities, or just to disconnect from the Real World.

I also recommend to plug in your headphones before beginning the game playing to enjoy at 120% the full gaming experience so handcrafted and delicately designed.


This is a game to be ‘experienced‘ more that to be described with words, although you can take a look to its trailer to see it in real action:


Anyhow, you need to feel it by yourself; Hearing, Touching and Interacting with it to fully understand what I mean, as it is a delicious and fully transcendental experience by itself 😉

For limited time, its launching price is currently only $0.99, which makes it so tempting for any iOS (puzzle) game lover, so hurry up, purchase and enjoy it before increases again.

iPhocus – Manual camcorder – A video camera DSLR at your fingertips

Few days ago I discover a new and real cool prosumer video camera app just released near the end of last 2014.


It is shortly called “iPhocus – Manual camcorder” and it has been developed by a small team of multi-cultural and innovative analogic photography lovers how found a gap in current App Store and decided to develop their own manual video camera app to capitalize on the full potential of latest iPhone6 series camera capabilities (even if iPhocus also supports previous iPhone 5/5S/5C, and for sure iPad 3).

Motion Apps, LLC, the start-up development studio behind this awesome video recorder app was founded last Sept. 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida by a mix of five Americans/Spanish entrepreneurs.

So, after being deeply playing with iPhocus app in different scenarios and light sets, I will say that it is very simple to use, it has a minimalistic and polished User Interface easy to learn and get use to it with all the features at your fingertips. Anyhow, after you install it, first time that you launch it, it will show you a clear tutorial through few snapshots of its main features and how to use them; and you can recall it as many times as you wish from its Settings.


As I said, the UI has been deeply though, and not created by chance. It is always in Landscape mode (Perfect to don’t make wrong Vertical Videos) and very comfortable in every situation: hand-held or mounted in a tripod.

As managing a professional video camera, the user is able to manually select the Focus, White Balance and Exposure settings in real time.


It has an accurate control over Rack Focus, where you will only need to move the right slider from Bottom to Top, with the possibility to configure the Focus Range from 0 to 10, or even change it in its bottom settings bar to your own range preference:


With the Left slider you will also be able to set the EV exposure setting that you wish to apply to your video; having also the possibility to choose between four White Balance presets or just experiment with them playing with the Temperature and Tone independent sliders:


Then, I keep its coolest feature for the end of the review: Air Focus


With it you will really feel as a professional Hollywood Film Producer!

Here you have the chance of controlling via Wi-Fi what happens in other wireless coupled iOS device with iPhocus also installed on it. You can do the functions of a camera assistant, as one will get the picture in frame and the other will control focus or exposure. Keep in mind that currently this is only for two iOS devices at same time, where one will be set as the Transmitter and the other as Receiver. [Maybe in future releases they will add the possibility to wireless link with more than two iOS cameras at same time, let’s see].

In the bottom settings bar, you will see also an small Drive icon indicating the spare space in your iOS device and Battery Percentage, to be sure you will not get in troubles before finish your recording 😉


But these are not the only the settings customizable:

Besides, inside app Settings (Gear icon of bottom right corner) you will be able to select also the Video (‘Project‘) name, the Resolution (VGA to Full HD) and FPS (From 15 up to 240 frames; depending of the Resolution selected) (based on iPhone6Plus review of app v1.2) on which you want to record.

Don’t forget that this is an iOS Universal app; you can enjoy it from your iPad 3 in case you have not an iPhone5/6 or if you want to combine both using the Air Focus sync feature.


Concluding, I must say that I really enjoy having this level of video camera control, as I like it to have fully under own control all the potential features under the hood of iPhone6/5 video camera; letting me feeling as the Director of my own Movies with its smooth and neat interface.

I am sure this video app will become essential for many professionals willing to make records with their everyday handheld device as the iPhone/iPad, which we carry always with us everywhere. But also for amateurs and regular users how would like to squeeze the full potential of iPhone5/6 camera without the limiting inherent chains of “everything automatic and defined” from native iOS Photos app.

Everyone will enjoy of it and they will find worth paying only $1.99 to have this manual camcorder app in their collection.

Finally, don’t forget that the app was released only few months ago and still on version v1.2, so I don’t doubt about its potential and close future new improvements 😉

‘Rapture – World Conquest’ – Fast pace World strategy iOS game

Last week I discovered a real-time strategy game that really stock caught my attention: “Rapture – World Conquest“. In fact, it was released last September 14th, 2014.


It is the first release from Tundra Games a new English indie games development studio, based in Oxford, UK. Both two founders Andy Weinkove and Dan Collier have a long programing background experience in the game industry developing many AAA titles: Sims 3, FIFA, Madden, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Go and Need for Speed.

Then, in 2013 they became independent and created Tundra Games studio:


and their first own development was this real-time strategy game that puts you in the celestial shoes of a god.


Rapture is inspired by so fun old PC classic god games such as Risk, Civilization and Populous, but reinvented for quick playing on mobile platforms, being the first one released on iOS platform for all those lucky gamers holders of an iPhone or iPad.


It is a paid game with some in-app purchases, but you don’t really need them to enjoy and progress on it, only if you want to move faster without investing some playing hours to acquire the in-game Gold coins to unlock extra features in its game virtual shop. Like for instance, new planet shapes:


It already fully supports iPhone6 / 6Plus HD resolution screens, with very well and detailed crafted graphics, and playing in an iPhone6Plus is simply awesome!

And although today it’s not yet mentioned in the AppStore game description, on top of English language, it’s also fully localized in FRENCH, GERMAN, and SPANISH. (Tundra Games confirmed me that it will be updated soon in the Appstore game details to avoid misunderstood).

One of latest added features was the MULTIPLAYER mode, on which you can play online via GameCenter or locally (over WiFi) against up to 3 friends, really cool! 😉

As I said, it is a really fast paced real-time strategy game that puts you in the celestial shoes of a god. There you have to guide your followers through the ages and vanquish the unbelievers in the surrounding kingdoms. How? Just send your chosen civilization armies to take over regions and expand your realm with a simple Tap in your screen.

Moreover, as your followers rise in numbers their adulation will provide ‘mana’ allowing you to unleash devastating miracles as Lightning storms, Hurricanes, Floods and other death from above.

You will begin controlling the “Romans” civilization, but after the first gameplays and missions passed, you will have enough gold coins won to acquire on its shop other civilizations and customize your game, choosing which one you want to control: Romans, Greeks, British, American, Egyptian, Mongol, Maya, Babylon, French, German, Russian or Spanish.


That’s not only, there are many missions, achievements and unlockable content to enjoy many hours of gaming:


OK, but what about the game playing? Well, I must say that after playing several hours I’m really dazzled with it. I was already a fan from oldies “Civilization I” and Populous PC games, but also RISK board game where I was playing many hours during school days.

Now I finally found a real-time strategy mobile game so fun and well done as those from above mentioned, but where I can complete a single game within 5 minutes while I take the subway or bus 😀

Then, being an arcade based game, the fast reaction and quick decisions on where to send armies is also quite challenging.

The User Interface is really smooth and easy to manage and its tutorial will guide quickly you through it.

The screen is always in Landscape mode, but luckily it auto-rotates, so you can choose on which side you want to hold the Home button of the iPhone/iPad. Personally, I find more convenient to have the Home button on my right holding hand to avoid blocking the speaker holes as in the iPhone6/6Plus devices when I don’t use the earphones.

You need to keep in mind that it is 3D map oriented game instead of classic 2D maps. This means that you can/must rotate the planet to see the several regions while you play, and also pinch to zoom-in/out to make it bigger or smaller at your convenience. I really like it this kind of innovative 3D interface instead of typical 2D map view (it recalls me the Google Earth app), but as you have not permanently full overview of the planet map (as in old RISK 2D world map), you will often need to rotate the globe to don’t lose strategic perspective.

I must say that its soundtrack based in some classical and orchestral emotive music tracks also reminds me the oldies PC games and places us very well on historical location and battles time.

Since last week, its price has been dropped to only $0.99 from original $2.99, so hurry up and buy it before it rises up again.


Don’t hesitate, if you already loved old turn-based and real-time strategy games above mentioned, you will not be dissapointed by Rapture – World Conquest.

And as said, compared with the old official RISK from EA (only iPAD game) which still costs $6.99, Rapture (universal iPhone/iPad) current $0.99 price is fully tempting; so, go ahead and give it a try!

It is soon, but I am pretty sure their first creation will succeed on iOS and it’ll allow the Tundra Games studio to grow up and maybe also port it to other OS platforms. We will keep an eye on these promising guys. 😉

WeatherPro – Accuracy foremost

Today I would like to talk you about my experience on the forecast weather app which I think is the most accurate and reliable in the App Store, it is WeatherPro.


I have been using it since iPhone3G (that means since 2008) and even after trying and deeply reviewing several more fancy and nice user interface weather apps, I could say that (at least for Europe weather) it is the most reliable and accurate in terms of weather forecast terms.

It’s true that it is not free (it costs $2,99), but it is a worth investment as it sweeps away many other paid and free options as the native iOS Weather app or the nice Yahoo Weather free app:


I must admit that in terms of interface I like so much Yahoo Weather app, even Jony Ive and Apple admitted how well designed it is (and somehow, emulated its interface since iOS7 😉 ).

But, at the end, I needed to have an accurate and always reliable forecast, because that is the final purpose of a weather app (on top of User eXperience or Interface design).


It has many options and weather details, and on top some of them as extra in-app purchase services on a subscription basis, they call them as ‘WeatherPro Premium‘ (currently only available in Europe):

  • Hourly forecast intervals.
  • Forecasts for the next 14 days.
  • Windtheme helps users find the optimum wind conditions, by changing the entire interface of WeatherPro to show a central focus on wind data.
  • Increased number of satellite and radar images (up to 40 as opposed to the standard 10).
  • “Precipitation type radar” showing the type of precipitation.
  • Radar forecast.

Most regular users will never need those extra features, which I find quite specialized or even for professional purposes. Anyhow, it is great to have at least the possibility to enable them in case more weather power users.


The default included 3-hours steps forecast for the coming 7-days will be mostly enough for most of us.

Other very accurate information provided by this app is the probability of precipitation and amount in millimeters. This is also very useful to plan your trip, as even in a cloudy day could even not rain at all (look the RED color highlights):


This German development weather forecast app has been improving since years and still evolving becoming better and better. Something to not disregard if you want to have a weather app companion Robust, Accurate and Reliable for the coming years.

And we should not forget that it is already fully optimized from iOS7, also the newer iPhone6/6Plus HD resolution screens, Barometer support and it adds a Widget if you decide to use it; which includes observation data such as temperature, wind and more. Very useful as you can select your GPS location and to access to the local forecast always from your Today view at the Notification Center. Pretty useful!

This application is back supported by one of the more innovative and trustful private weather companies in the world:

MeteoGroup Deustchland GmbH is a global private weather Business with offices around the world. Founded in 1986, they combine experience overall coverage and Local with expertise to offer our customers highly accurate and bespoke weather services.

On top, I would say that MeteoGroup made a very good job offering its app in all the mobile platforms available: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Store and even Blackberry App World.

After seven years of usage, I would strongly recommend this paid weather app (on top of the other App store offers) to anybody who doesn’t want to worry anymore about the reliability of weather forecasts, trying to predict how look like the weather behind their windows constantly cross-checking several other weather apps.

That is useless, with WeatherPro, MeteoGroup already does the perfect weather forecast job for us for only $2.99.

HOW TO create and assign custom vibration alerts on iPhone

This is a hidden but very useful and fun iOS feature which allow you to create personalized vibration patterns for incoming messages and Calls.


The setting is a little bit hidden inside the iOS Settings, but you can find it easily following these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Sounds.
  3. Under the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section, choose on which one would you like to use a custom vibration, for instance tap on Ringtone.
  4. Then, scroll up to the top of the screen and tap on Vibration, just above the regular ringtones section.
  5. Now, scroll down until Custom and  tap on Create New Vibration.
  6. So, here you will be able to make your own custom Vibration pattern, only tap the center of the screen in the sequence you want the vibration to be. (You can also hold your finger down for a continuous vibration, and Lifting it up will create a pause on it).
  7. Once done, tap on Stop to finish.
  8. You can now play it, and if you like it, only tap on Save to finish the creation process.
  9. Finally, go back to previous settings screen and assign it as your vibration custom pattern for the alert that you wish.
  10. Congratulations! It’s done, now you have your own custom Vibration Pattern. 😉

Moreover, you can assign your new Vibration custom pattern to any of your contacts, just tap Edit and then tap Vibration on them.

How to import to MAC/Windows the iOS edited images without losing the changes

This has been a big debate for many users since Apple introduced the first image editing feature in their native iOS Photo app (or Camera roll). At that time was on iOS6 and the first tool was for ‘Cropping’ the shots made with native camera.


Nowadays, with iOS8, we can further edit our shots directly from Photos app with much more filters and even HDR, but the thing is that changes made on the images will be lost once they are imported/synchronized to OS X or Windows PC because those changes are not permanent applied to the pictures but stored in a sidecar file based on Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), and with AAE extension.

So, if you want to import your pictures, the official feedback from Apple is to use a proprietary application installed in your computers which can support that sidecar XMP, and they are the following as examples:

  • iPhoto 9.5 or later
  • iPhoto for iOS
  • Aperture 3 or later
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements

The problem is that most of them are discontinued, or are very expensive Professional photo/video editing tools and with features which a regular user only looking to import their pictures doesn’t need at all.

Moreover, it seems that for Apple, this is not a ‘bug’, but a ‘feature’, so it will pass long time before it is changed, if it is changed at all in the future (something that I really doubt today).

After long research I found a couple of very useful workarounds (each one with PRO’s and Drawbacks):

  1. First one is based on open every single edited photo (one-by-one) with a thirty party dedicated iOS photo editing app and re-save it without adding any extra modifications. This will create a copy in your Camera Roll with the XMP/AAE changes already applied on them, so later you will only need to delete the original photos and import the re-saved versions.
  2. Second option is to use some kind of transferring files iOS app to send your Camera Roll photos to your computer, but keeping the modifications stored on the sidecar AAE file, which is the tricky part, because the thirty party transferring app must support that.

For both cases I find out an app which really makes an excellent job without impacting the Quality neither Compression ratio in the Photos stored JPG images:

1) Darkroom – Photo Editor (free): This Photo editor makes a perfect job opening native edited photos and re-saving the photos to keep the changes, it is incredible fast and it has a very small app size (which makes it faster). Moreover, in case you could need it, it can also edit your pictures and has very nice features/filters, Bergen Co. developer studio made a very good job (remember that the app is 100% add-free; with only “Curves” extra-photo editing feature as possible In-App purchase if you wish; but you don’t need it for our case).

Of course, this is more tedious than a direct transfer, but it is a fully free solution, and works!


2) Photo Transfer App ($2.99): This is a wireless transfer iOS app that will allow you to transfer wirelessly all your Photos app modified photos (and videos) without losing the changes neither quality to/from your computer. You can do it with a free MAC/PC dedicated application, or even directly from your web browser (which I tried and works flawlessly well). I must to admit that ERClab, LLC. studio made a wonderful job and this app is really what you were looking for; but in this case it is not free.


Anyhow, I don’t find the price excessive at all, in fact it is a real worth for your iOS device app collection because the app works smoothly, the company provides very good support and it solves flawlessly this “lack feature” that iOS has today up to version v9.3.2 (and only Apple knows until then as it began since iOS6 and remains).

I don’t recommend anybody to invest hours and hours surfing inside Apple Store to find the perfect Photo Editing and/or Transfer app (as I deeply did) only to save a couple of bucks (if that could be the case, because maybe there is not any better transferring app available as far as I know); but use any of these those approaches based in my long research and deep trial, which works awesome well!

Before I finish, it is true that some colleagues firstly recommended me to use intermediate Cloud web-based solutions as ‘iCloud’, ‘Dropbox’,…, or sending me every single picture first by e-mail and then re-downloading them to my computer; but that was not what I was looking for, and also more tiring than any of these two approaches presented here.

I hope you find it as useful as they were for me 😉